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Pack of 2 Super Bounce Back Pillows - Buy One Get One Free

When was the last time you replaced your pillows?  These 'super bounce back' pillows from spring back to life after all-night use, maintaining long term comfort and support.  As we spend a third of a life in bed, treat yourself to ultimate comfort. Features- Ultra comfortable pillows- High quality stuffed...

Set of 6 Scented Candles in Glass Pots - Buy One Get One Free

An amazing value deal - Buy One Get One Free - 12 candles in total! Features- Scented candles in glass pots- 100% natural fragrance - Great for relaxing or for the home

Memory Foam Comfort Pillow - Buy One Get One Free

This amazing foam memory pillow is specially designed to mould to your shape to give optimal support and comfort.  The foam quickly reverts to its original shape within seconds to ensure that you have a comfortable and restfulnight sleep regardless of your sleeping postitions.  Treated with ultra-fresh which prevents the common...

10pc Egyptian Cotton Luxury Towel Bale - Buy One Get One Free

When was the last time you replaced your bathroom towels?  It's time to treat yourself to a scrumptious set of 100% Egyptian cotton towels for your bathroom.  This amazing value BOGOF set includes 8 face towels, 8 hand towels and 4 bath towels.  They are super soft to feel and high quality 450 GSM. Features-...

Pack of 25 Non-Slip Flocked Velvet Hangers - Buy One Get One Free

These flocked velvet hangers prevents your clothes from slipping and their shape protects your clothes without stretching.  They are suitable for woolens & delicates, blouses & shirts, trousers & skirts, jackets & coats etc.  Also because of their shape and design, you'll fit much more in your wardrobe than traditional...

Home Safety Quick Release Fire Blanket - Buy One Get Two Free

A fire safety blanket is ideal for workplaces, household kitchens, garages, caravans and other high fire risk places.  The safety blanket is housed in a standard protective red cover which provides full clear instructions on how to safely remove and use the fire blanket. You can hang the fire blanket...

Cordless Non-Stick Steam Iron

This amazing 1800w non-stick iron is the ultimate in portable ironing as its 100% cordless!  Iron with ease without getting your cord tangled or damaging your clothing.  Ideal for at home and when travelling due to its compact size and power cable storage compartment. Features- 1800w power- Non-stick soleplate- Adjustable...

Pack of 4 Vacuum Space Saver Storage Bags - Buy One Get One Free

These vacuum space saver storage bags can be used with all standard vacuum cleaners with hand held attachments.  They are ideal for the storage of out of season clothing, quilts, blankets or cushions etc.  Ideal for travelling or moving house, they can reduce the volume of your items by up to...

Set of 3 Colour Changing Flameless LED Candles with Timer & Remote

Create the warm romantic glow of candle light without the flames!  Choose from one of 12 preset colours that can be operated together or individually via the remote control.  With up to an 8 hour timer and flicker setting, these safe LED candles are perfect for whatever mood you’re in....

Battery Operated Flickering Candle Lantern - Buy One Get One Free

These beautiful and elegant flickering candle lanterns are suitable for indoor or outside use.  The lantern is a sealed unit with a large, medium and small size LED candle inside. Features- Includes 3 built-in flameless candles- Removable hanging hook- Made from perspex- Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)

146cm Floor Standing Mirror with LED Lights & Jewellery Cabinet - Free P&P

Say goodbye to tangled and messy accessories with this stylish floor standing jewellery cabinet.  Featuring the perfect blend of style and practicality, this dual purpose make up and jewellery cabinet not only provides you with a great spot to organise your accessories, but a full length mirror to admire them in...

Set of 4 Cocktail Scented Candle Jars - Buy One Get One Free

These cocktail scented cocktails are just delicious and have to be sampled!  Each is presented in a beautiful mason jar with their sweet recipe printed on front.  Flavours include Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Mojito and a Pina Colada - these colourful drink inspired candles are a must have for any party! Features- Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Mojito and...

Electric Clothes Airer & Dryer

This electric clothes airer and dryer costs the same as a 120w light bulb to run!  It's super economical and provides an extra-large 94cm x 50cm drying surface.  With eight aluminium bars, it is ideal for drying jumpers and delicate items flat, hanging laundry on to dry, airing damp clothes or simply...

Pack of 3 Flameless LED Flickering Candles - Buy One Get One Free

This is a pack of 3 vanilla scented flameless candles which feature flickering LED lights making their flames appear real.  Beautifully crafted from genuine candle wax, the replica flames flicker to create a realistic glow with no risk of fire and are safe for children and pets.  They smell amazing when...

3pc Flameless LED Wax Scented Vanilla Candles

Get all the effects of a real wax candle but without the flame!  These flameless LED candles are just delicious with their vanilla scent and real flicker.  Plus they are safe around children and pets. Features- Flickering and glowing effect of a real candle- Portable and safe to leave unattended- Each...

24cm Wall Clock with Hidden Compartment

This is a great idea for each and every home - a clock with a hidden compartment!  It is a great solution for keeping safe jewellery, cash, documents, keepsakes, passwords, keys or anything else you want to keep away from prying eyes.  The clock features a simple hinged design where you can...

Set of 2 Battery Operated LED Tea Light Lanterns + 2 Lanterns Free

Sold Out
A set of 4 quirky LED tea light lanterns that are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.  Add some charm and light to your garden or conservatory. Features- 16cm LED tea light lanterns- Set of 4 in green, blue, pink and yellow

Electric Indoor Flying Insect Zapper - Buy One Get One Free

This electronic insect zapper utilises a high frequency blue light to lure flying insects during the day or night to form a practical, efficient, hygienic and automatic electronic insect extermination system.  Flying or crawling insects nearby will be attracted to the light and approach the electronically charged metal grid which will result...

Super Soft Cuddle Fleece Blanket with Sleeves & Pocket - Buy One Get One Free

These super soft cuddle fleece blankets are made of thick, luxurious fleece.  Relax in maximum comfort with oversized loose sleeves whilst keeping your whole body protected from the cold but leaving your arms and hands free.  Great for those who feel the cold or are trying to keep the heating...

2m Flexi Cable Tidy Kit - Buy One Get One Free

This great value set of 2 x 2m flexi cable tidy kits is essential for all homes to keep all your cables safe, tidy and secure.  It is super easy to use - just place your cables in the cable zipper and zip down your cables!  Ideal for use in...
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