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Item No. 3327

The BEST EVER deal on Paint Paint Master™ Paint Pads

WAS £24.99 FOR 1 KIT - now under £10 and buy a second kit for half price!

This is the original paint pad system as seen on TV for over 20 years!

These paint pads are used by professionals so you know they are going to be the best!  They are easy to hold, deliver perfect results, works with any paint on any surface and it is really quick to clean.

Each kit includes the large, medium, corner and sash pad holder plus you'll receive 2 FREE refill packs containing 8 extra pads worth £32!  You'll also receive the trays, roller and instructions.

- Use with emulsion paint and gloss paint
- 4 different size pads for all jobs
- Pads can be easily cleaned and used many times
- Works with any paint types
- Covers a large area quicker than any other method
- Light and easy to use and no training needed

Order now and make painting a pleasure!

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